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Your Digital Transformation With Odoo

Digitally Transforming Your Business. To Make Better Decisions, Faster.
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In the conventional business process, each department, such as administration, finance, inventory, logistics, public relation, and human resources, functions differently, and information across the board has to be fetched each time through various means. This approach is not only time-consuming but also encourages data duplication.

All that is true until the emergence of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like Odoo. Business processes have become more manageable, integration and communication between departments have improved, and data availability in real-time to ease decision making has been prioritised.

Meanwhile, an ERP like Odoo is not a simple system but a huge software architecture that helps organisations’ departments work together seamlessly and communicate better. If you are interested in business growth, this is the one piece for you. Let’s get to it.

Odoo is the most cost-effective tool for your digital transformation. We integrate strategy, technology, and people through our digital business solutions.

Automate your business processes

Odoo automates your business flows & allows you to focus on important tasks & decisions instead of administration.

Gain comprehensive insights for smarter decisions 

Odoo keeps all the information about your operations in one place & generates structured reports for you with just a few clicks.

Control your operations and save money

Odoo tracks the work & performance of your team in real time and helps you to identify issues & risks as soon as they happen.

Why Odoo ERP For Business Agility

Embrace the transformative potential of Odoo ERP for enhanced productivity, improved decision-making, and accelerated growth with our comprehensive support and industry knowledge. Gain real-time insights, automate workflows, and adapt to changing market demands with ease. Experience the flexibility of modular customization, allowing you to tailor Odoo to your needs and empower your team with a unified platform that fosters collaboration and drives productivity.

The core of our business is Odoo ERP implementation to digitize businesses with industry 4.0 standards. Whether you’re new to Odoo or not, we are your partner in ensuring your system is set up to make you successful! No matter how large or small your implementation, we provide specific services in the following areas:

78 %

Of Projects Launch
Between 3-6 months

98 %

Client Retention
Rate Leader

99 %

The only Odoo partner focused on accounting in North America

Check out our Odoo solution for your industry

We deliver tailored Odoo and Microsoft solutions to grow your business. Odoo automates your business flows & allows you to focus on important tasks & decisions instead of administration. Whether you are getting set up with M7 Group for the very first time, or if you are frustrated with your existing Power BIs that you already have and need a change, We Are Here to Help.


Optimize key processes and work efforts using Odoo and Microsoft applications, such as Power Apps and Azure, to modernize your business, improve collaboration, and maximize growth.


Embed agility into your digital strategy using Odoo and Microsoft cloud services. Get anywhere access to data, collaborate intelligently, scale licensing, and rest easy with best-in-class security.


Maximize timely business data with visual reporting tools, such as Power BI, to accelerate business intelligence so you can stay in front of the competition and make better business decisions, faster.

Odoo covers all core functions



Odoo covers all your financial processes, including bookkeeping, invoicing, expenses, assets management, multi-currencies, taxes and financial reporting. The true value is that it is fully implemented with other apps.


Odoo Manufacturing app is a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of a manufacturing operation, from planning and scheduling to quality control and inventory management. With real-time data and analytics, businesses can optimize their production processes and increase efficiency.​


Odoo offers a true Omni-channels solution to your customer, both offline and online. It includes the CRM, Sales Order, Point of Sales, and also integrate with ecommerce and online marketing suites. Combining omni-channel with the full integration with inventory, manufacturing and services apps allow to deliver a superior customer experience and reduce your operational costs.
Human Resources

Human Resources

Applications such as Employees, Recruitment, Time Off, and Appraisals allow you to optimize your HR operations and ensure that your company's most valuable asset, your employees, are managed effectively and efficiently.


Odoo's services includes project management, timesheet tracking, helpdesk, field services, and appointment scheduling apps. The integration with sales and accounting apps allow you to boost your business efficiency and optimize your performance, for your frontline employees and back-offices.
Website & Marketing

Website & Marketing

The website builder allows you to build and update your eCommerce in clicks, without coding. Regardless of your industry, Odoo helps you to implement a full e-marketing strategy: for example you could optimize your SEO and attract your audience with the right website and blog, engage with social media and a newsletter, and nurture your cold leads with marketing automation.

How can we help your company?

Make Odoo suitable for your business

Make Odoo suitable for your business

M7 Group takes time to understand your operations, processes & concerns. Our goal is to find the right balance between configuring Odoo's default flows and customizing it to your business needs.
Save your resources & help you grow

Save your resources & help you grow

Every business needs a functioning IT infrastructure to support growth. Let us focus on your ERP, while you focus on your core business.
Non-stop support with latest technology

Non-stop support with latest technology

With a strong team, M7 Group can help you with your Odoo implementation & needed extra support. Your problems are our problems.

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